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Spiral Bound Strong Start Accountability Journal

Digital Strong Start 90 Day Program Guide

Digital Strong Start Complete Recipe Book

  • Strong Start 90 Day Program ($497)
  • Colors Not Calories TM Method ($297)
  • MOVE Workout Plan ($397)
  • LIVE Mindset Training ($99)
  • A New, Improving You ($Priceless)

Total Value: $1290

Now Just $129

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Need More Accountability?

  • Add EML Accountability Coach 

EAT Colors Not Calories

We don't teach you to track calories or count macros, but something so simple anyone can follow it for years with success.

LIVE Your Best Life

No. This isn’t a fitness “get-in-shape” gimmick. I want you to create a happy, healthy, badass, ultimate version of yourself.  

MOVE Your Body

We are truth in fitness. Learn how to move to live according to your lifestyle. 

LEARN You Matter

I want to help you understand how important you are as an individual and how to create a truly fulfilling life.

Strong Start Is Your High Accountability Way To Get Started

EAT Colors Not Calories

There will be no counting calories, just ensuring your body gets the correct nutrients every meal.

MOVE Your Body

Your body will change as you incorporate movement as simple as walking and hiking.

LIVE Your Best Life

Once your body is thriving, it’s that much easier to create a life of fulfillment. 

Are You Ready To Get Started Creating The Best Version Of Yourself?

If you made it to this point and spent the time to look through this information, it is clear you are looking for a change. What better time to get serious about your health?  
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